About Arctic Snow

Founded and designed in Australia, Arctic Snow proudly offers all snow and adventure enthusiasts high quality, peak performance snow and adventure apparel for all weather conditions.

Our vision is simple - to share our passion for the mountain life and adventure with you through our carefully designed, highly durable all adventure apparel.

Each collection features high-performance and durable fabrics to guarantee comfort, style, warmth, UV protection and breathability. All fabrics sourced are trusted to perform as needed in any weather conditions.

Our customer satisfaction is most important and we truly value your opinion. We aspire to build a community with people that share our passion to chase those new adventures, push the every-day life boundaries and revel in the freedom that it brings.

As our business grows, so will our sustainability and environmentally-friendly initiatives. We are so excited to send all packages using plant-based & 100% compostable mailers. Each eco-friendly mailer comes with a second adhesive strip for reuse, and when your done with it simply throw it in your home compost or compost bin and it will break down in 3-6 months.

We also proudly sponsor One Tree Planted charity, a non-profit environmental charity with the mission of global reforestation. Arctic Snow has promised to donate $1 for each order to plant a new tree within Australia and New Zealand.